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Buying a beach house is a dream that many people have at some point in their lives. Of course, there is nothing more exciting in life than seeing dolphins or whales from your kitchen window or the spectacular sunrise over the ocean. The magical experience of having coffee every morning on the balcony with the soothing and relaxing sound of the surf is what makes these people crave a coastal life. Having your own house in places where there is a rush of tourists could be the most outstanding achievement of your life. The house can serve as a second home where you can spend time with your loved ones while on vacation or rent it out to earn money when you are not there. Before buying a beach house, it is beneficial to know what makes up a beach house and what is needed for the best experience in a beach life.

What makes a house a “beach house”?

A beach house is a house that is near or on the beach. It means that a beach house can either be sitting directly on the water or a couple of blocks away from it. A house that has a waterfront view is quite expensive than those far from the water. You will likely pay a top dollar to enjoy the front water view, but you are mostly guaranteed of a faster appreciation in value if you buy it for investment purposes.

What makes up an ideal beach house?

Although having a house on or near a beach is fantastic, you need to consider many things. One of the critical realities of having an abode near a beach is that Everything RUSTS - your car, jewelry, knobs on drawers, locks, bikes, kitchen things - even stainless steel. Having cast iron pots is a constant labor of love; maintaining them with oil will minimize rusting. Although maintenance services could be unavoidable for any home, a beach house should be well designed to avoid unnecessary maintenance. There is no onerous restriction on the house you can build, whether it is a whitewashed wooden cottage or a slick all-glass castle, provided your beach house is homely and requires limited maintenance then you are good to go. So, what defines an ideal beach house?

Nautical interior design

Nautical décor is simply a design that evokes the sea and its related elements inside your living room. The sea life and its vegetation can be represented by sculptures, photographs, or found maritime objects like compass and telescope. Although nautical décor has a muted color scheme, blue remains the primary color because it is affiliated with water and deeply associated with depth, authority, and peace. The following are nautical interior designs that make a beach house conducive or what defines a real beach house.

Nautical wall decor

Wooden oars with classic glossy finish; vintage decorative boat oars will help bring back the nostalgic time spent on the beach during the day. A wooden oar crafted from natural timber and hand-painted is suitable for wall decors.

Brass ship bell, knot display, or vintage nautical flag will expand your beach house décor beyond photography, painting, or prints. It will particularly showcase your beach life personality.

Bedroom decoration ideas

Stylish sand-timers should have an old-school way of telling time using hourglass instead of ordinary timepieces. An hourglass with swirled natural sand will give your beach house a real feeling of a beach life.

Folk arts and meshing objects will work well to create a vintage coastal bedroom. Old ship models, photograph layers, and other maritime objects will make your bedroom to have that sea life feeling.

Nautical outdoor décor

Life does not end inside a beach house. Most beach houses are associated with beach gardens with native plants planted to bring that natural feeling. Modern-day decorating styles also play a pivotal role in creating a beautiful beach house outdoor living place. As of 2021, the trending items that make outdoor areas appeal include oars, sailboat décor, and lanterns.

Final Thought

A beach house is simply a house that is on or near a beach. In order to have an ideal beach house, modern design styles need to be followed to the latter. Nautical wall décor, bedroom, kitchen decorating styles, and outdoor nautical décor are what defines an ideal beach house.

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